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Our Vision

24-7 prayer

   As we were praying it seemed good to us and to the Holy Spirit to launch a 24/7 prayer chain to lift up an Eternal Prayer Flame to the King Eternal. We need to wrest ourselves away from the earthly in order to lift up our hands and give Jesus no rest until He comes again and "makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth." 


   Anyone who joins can commit to praying for any length of time - a month, a year, a lifetime. During this time you have committed to pray, you will be asked to recruit at least two others to join the Eternal Prayer Flame. If the demands of life require you to drop out, the two prayer flames you have recruited can keep the flame burning! 


   In the high speed world that we live in there may be situations where we cannot keep our commitments to a specified slot of time. To prepare for this likelihood, we are asking that you find a prayer flame partner to help keep your flame alive. This partner will be someone you can communicate with, pray together with during your time commitment if circumstances allow, and fall back on to keep the flame burning if you cannot keep your commitment.


Please begin by praying for:

1. Eternal Prayer Flame (this work of mobilizing and encouraging each other to consistent and persistent prayer)  

2. Our communities (Churches aflame)

3. Our Homes (Families aflame)

4. Our missions (Missions aflame)



Harold R Troyer

Joel Martin

Lynnwood Hershberger

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